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The first step is to complete a health history form.  This form only takes a few minutes but provides valuable information in order to properly evaluate your condition.  This form is available online for your convenience.  Just fill out and bring to your appointment. 


A complete history, neurological, orthopedic and physical exam will be conducted to assess the condition of your spine.  Some of the tests include checking range of motion, reflexes, postural checks and palpate (examine by touch) the spine.  If recommended, x-rays will be taken at this time to aid in determining the actual malposition of the vertebrae.  During all x-ray procedures every step is taken to ensure patient safety. 


At this time you will receive some form of physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustment.  A specific force in a precise direction is delivered to help return the vertebrae to a more normal position and help relieve pain and allow the healing process to begin.  Our effective alignment of the body is gentle enough for children yet able to restore function and movement for the athlete and senior.  Instructions for home care will be given and are to be followed until the follow-up visit.

On the following visit we will review your history, examination and x-rays.  The doctor will make recommendations for your specific treatment plan.  This is an excellent time for you to ask questions.  Each case is assessed on an individual basis and care is focused on a speedy and long-lasting recovery. 

Appointments can be made by either phoning the office or requesting an appointment online.  Please bring insurance information and allow an hour for the first visit.  Often times you can be seen the same day.  



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