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The manipulation of specific bones (vertebrae) that make up your spine is called "an adjustment."  The adjustment is usually done by hand and in some instances, by a hand-held device.  The patient is placed on a specifically designed table.  The doctor uses techniques learned through years of study and applies a gentle pressure to areas of the spine that don't move within the normal range of motion.  This helps to decrease pain by restoring motion and proper nerve functioning.  Various physiotherapy modalities can be used to enhance the healing process.



The following specialized physiotherapy equipment and treatments relieve symptoms caused by conditions such as: sprains, strains, headaches, bursitis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis and pinched nerves.  The doctor will determine which modality is best suited for your condition.  You will also be given instructions for your home care which may include ice, hot packs, exercises, orthotics and nutritional support.

Interferential CurrentUltrasound HeatMassage Therapy



Interferential Current

Interferential Current is used for pain control, decrease swelling and muscle spasms, strengthen muscles and restore normal movement.  Gentle electrical impulses create low frequency stimulation that promote the release of endorphins (the body's natural pain reliever).  The patient experiences a painless tingling sensation that is helpful in treating acute injuries. 



Ultrasound is the application of painless high-frequency sound waves for the therapeutic treatment of soft tissue injuries.  This therapy delivered to the body using a conductive gel, provides deep heating effects to body tissues.  It provides pain relief, reduces muscle spasms, increases blood flow to the local area and increases range of motion of contracted joints.  It is highly effective in the treatment of calcium deposits, reducing nerve irritation and speeds up the body's natural healing. 



Moist hot pads are placed in terry covers and positioned over the affected area.  The hot water allows deep penetration into the muscle layer.  Heat is beneficial for chronic conditions, helps to relax muscle spasms, increases circulation, removes toxic wastes and produces local pain relief. 


Massage Therapy 


Massage doesn't just feel good. It reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion and increases endorphins.  Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress.  It is a perfect complement to chiropractic care and is often covered by health insurance companies.


Some of the types of massage therapies that are offered include: 



Swedish Massage:  A traditional massage using oil or lotion.  It promotes deep relaxation while reducing tension and stresses in the body. 



Deep Tissue:  This addresses the deeper tissues and releases deep muscular tension and pain.  It is extremely effective in conditions such as headaches, back pain and sciatica. 



Sports Massage:  A form of massage that utilizes specific strokes to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning.  It helps to increase power, endurance and mobility - both before and after an event or exercise.



Acupressure - Shiatsu:  This style utilizes ancient eastern body balancing and health maintenance techniques including acupressure (pressure points) along the meridians, combined with a vigorous massage.



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